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Emma Jones

BA Fine Art

Since childhood, I have had the utmost respect for all things in nature, and have pursued this passion through photography for my final exhibition. Throughout history, the relationship between humans and flowers has been about aesthetics, producing flowers to give to one another to express feelings of love, sorrow or loss. Human beings are the major contributors to the damaging of earth’s ecosystems, and we often use our power to control anything deemed weaker than us. In my final photographs, I have reversed these roles by creating a fictional story, composed within a poem. One day nature will diminish humankind altogether, after years of ill treatment us and being seen as merely pretty objects placed on our dining room tables. I have hopes that my audience will foresee many questions about that switch in roles in our food chain. What if flowers had control over us? What if flowers were seen as predatory in the eyes of humans? What if flowers were no longer a depiction of beauty and choose to pick us?

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