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Welcome to our 2022 undergraduate and postgraduate online exhibitions.


The undergraduate exhibition represents the high point of our students’ achievement over three years of study. The work on display was undertaken in the context of one module in the students’ final semester. Only a selection is shown here. Studies, sketchbooks, visual diaries and preparatory materials were also assessed.


Our postgraduate students are participating in the first of two exhibitions on their Masters program. It is intended as an interim statement of the development of technical, stylistic and conceptual skills.


Since January 2022 we have been able to return to in-person teaching. However, much of our students’ university experience during the pandemic involved switching between in-person, online, blended and hybrid teaching in response to government directives. In some cases, circumstances necessitated their ingenuity and versatility as well as a change of direction in their work as studios, print workshops and darkrooms were closed. I am grateful for students’ understanding and cooperation.


I would like to thank full- and part-time colleagues – academic, technical, curatorial and administrative – for their hard work and commitment to ensure the best possible student experience. I would especially like to thank Phil Garratt, Neil Holland and Karen Westendorf for staging our in-person and online exhibitions.


We wish our graduates all the very best in their future careers.


Robert Meyrick

Professor and Head of School

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