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Junko Burton

MA Fine Art

Earlier this year, I painted a large piece in response to a dream I had and it developed into ‘Voiceless memories’,a suite of 6 smaller paintings. The project was driven by emotions the dream provoked, unlike any of my previous work, which was almost always inspired by the elements of nature surrounding me.

During this project my thoughts were on numerous incidents in the distant past and their far-reaching repercussions. Each layer of paint in these paintings symbolises a moment in the past that was personal to me. Naturally, even what lies underneath the visible layers holds some private significance.

However, they are ultimately about transience in a more general sense, as in most of my paintings. Just as the passing of time can be felt in nature, through shadows or tides, it can manifest itself in personal memories, some beautiful and others brutal.

My initial inspiration might have been different for this project, but my main preoccupation while working on these paintings remained the same - expressing time as ‘layers of moments’ and evoking the sense of transience.





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