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Sam Walters

BA Fine Art

My work is derived from both remembered and imagined locations, which, in combination with an accompanying mood or feeling, are realised in paint as semi-abstract landscape paintings. The creation of these images is reliant on a predominantly instinctive and subconscious process, through which the remembered or imagined landscapes begin to emerge.

As experience of place is irrevocably intertwined with the weather conditions, the mood and atmosphere prevalent within my work encompasses the residual energy of the land and the intensity of forces at work within it.

Most importantly, the paintings express an authentic depiction of landscape originating from within and consequently aspects of my own nature. Landscape has constantly surrounded me and through these paintings, the results of these accumulated experiences emerge.

Due to the semi-abstract nature of the paintings, in combination with the composite of memories from which they are formed, countless memories, locations or feelings are experienced just from the ambiguity of that one image and the universality of landscape as a whole.


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