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Rebecca Gandy

BA Fine Art

These portraits represent the unseen side of me. Throughout my third year of BA study, I have encountered many difficult challenges, not least worldwide restrictions but also family illness and loneliness due to isolation, which have in turn proved to have a significant impact on my well-being and mental health.

This project entangles a representation of my feelings with the complexity of photographic art. I have used light and shadow to help give context, documentary style, to images. Each photograph was taken with the intention of providing myself with some clarity, therefore allowing room for self-reflection.

My hope is that these images are viewed not just as pictures on a wall, but instead, with a quizzical mind. I want viewers to ask themselves: What was going on that day? What made her feel that way? And above all: How am I feeling?

My intention is not to upset or stir but to help shine light on dark places. This project was heavily influenced by a quote by the brilliant Francis Bacon which reads: ‘In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present’. Now more than ever I believe it is important to pay respect to our demons and address this face on. By capturing my emotions within photography and placing my vulnerabilities out for the world to see, I hope that I can encourage people speak about their troubles and seek help and support from those around them.

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