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Maria Wrona

BA Fine Art

My art practice focuses on the different structures of the objects surrounding me, parts of installations, interiors or architecture. Each painting is created with the aim of solving a problem. My intention is to pick up the existing issue within the reality built by humans, which can often be not at all aesthetically pleasing.

I have always had a problem with appreciating the value of non-figurative art and understanding the meaning of it and the motivations behind it. As time has passed and I have learnt more about contemporary art, I have discovered that what usually seems simple in art is the most complex to understand. This synthesis helps to investigate precisely a problem present in a piece of work, but also leaves plenty of room for personal interpretation.

Lately, I have been concentrating on embracing my fears and traumas from the past, finding the strength to overcome and accept them, in order to truly comprehend and love myself. As a result, my art aims to translate the unaesthetic and chaotic parts of the reality surrounding me, into harmonious, joyful images, pleasing to the eye.

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