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Lucia Paone-Michael

BA Fine Art and Art History

I lost my mum to cancer just over a year ago now. These two projects are in memory of her.

Project 1: A Sense of Place

After not leaving my home for months, I began to realise that I couldn’t stay inside much longer. I started to spend a lot more time outside, far away from others, embracing the blistering cold winds and the ruthlessness of the rural Welsh landscape. I got lost in seemingly endless fields, sat on bridges over peaceful streams, spoke to sheep and tiptoed my way into the varying intricacies of human existence. I sought out a way to free myself from the constant emptiness that overtook me on most days.

My photographs tell a story of humanity. Places which do not have a single physical person in them yet hint at humanity in various ways. Hinting at the quietness of our existence.

Project 2: Doors of London

Doors also link to the notion of a ‘sense of place’ and various aspects of the entrance into one’s home can hint at traits relating to their personality, habits or lifestyle.’

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