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Laura Dixon

BA Fine Art

These illustrations are part of my comic which was an adaptation of selected scenes from ‘Invasion of Astro-Monster’, 1965, from Toho Studios. I wanted to create a comic using both analogue and digital painting techniques, and the source material provided inspiration to employ physical effects. The illustrations were first loosely painted with gouache, then photographed, and Photoshop and Coral Painter were then used to correct values, colours, and compositions and add detail. Some of the ‘physical’ effects, such as the burns in ‘Rodan Drops a Rock on Ghidorah’s Head’, were done to the gouache painting — although the glowing embers were later added digitally. The rip in ‘Tasty Snack’ was made from several rips on different pieces of paper that were then digitally overlayed onto the gouache painting. The gold leaf effect was produced using a photographic image that was then layered over the illustrations digitally, using the clipping tool to create the desired shapes.


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