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Katherine Jane Rodge

BA Fine Art and Art History

The aim of this project is to demonstrate the versatility and creative potential of nature. I have taken a very common natural element, salt, and combined it with artistic materials to demonstrate how nature, in partnership with artistic materials and artistic influence, can create new and wonderful natural formations that haven’t been seen before. In nature, I experience a sense of life and nurture from the natural elements that surround me and I’m continually amazed by the sense of uninhibited life and growth that nature shows me. In this project, I wanted to demonstrate a sense of that same feeling by showing how salts, and artistic materials, could make specimens that look like crystals, bacterial growths in a Petri dish, natural weather and environmental formations and even surfaces of different planets. The fact that these specimens resemble such large spectacles from something so small, and very common to us, is representative of just how limitless the creation of nature can be.

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