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Katarzyna Rynkowska

BA Fine Art

My current project looks at reminiscing about the emotional aspect of the places where I used to live i.e., Poland, England and Wales. It may appear odd that my paintings solely depict cloud-like forms and you may wonder, why?

Although the visual memories are unclear, I am still able to recall the accompanying emotions that I felt at the time. Should a person live in the past since the only real thing that a human can experience is the present? What has happened in the past does not exist anymore, it is just a memory that might as well be false, as the mind remembers only what it wants. The further back in time something has occurred, the less accurate and more altered the memory becomes.

The land is constantly changing through forces of nature, as well as through human activity. However, aside from air pollution, the troposphere cannot be affected by man. It will always stay the same. If I cannot trust my memory to recall elements within the land, I can be sure of one thing: where I was, there was a sky with clouds, above my head.

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