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Josie Franklin

BA Fine Art and English Literature

Like many, I have spent this past year looking out of windows, watching the days roll by. Traditionally, some times of year are valued less than others, so in this project I wanted to make a point to show that there are always things to look forward to, even if they are hard to see. 'September' approaches feelings of loneliness and inadequacy, to show that there is always value to be found in the world around us – and within ourselves. Mental illness is a personal topic to me, and it has been very important to take time to be kind to myself at this particularly strange time; so I wanted to tie this into my degree, and to normalise receiving support from others in a way that is tangible to younger audiences. Even when it is hard to see it, we always have a purpose, and you are never nothing.

I would like to thank my loved ones for their support and for inspiring the encouraging attitudes of the characters in my story. I would also like to thank my tutors Robert Meyrick and Chris Iliff, and Phil Garratt and Neil Holland for exhibiting my work in person for me.

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