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Madeleine Peters

MA Fine Art

This springtime has seen frequent periods of heavy, overcast, brooding skies and moody outbreaks of unsettled weather bringing an unseasonal chilliness. Wind, rain, sunshine and hail have scurried in ‘fits and bursts’, energised, lively, dramatic and changeable through and around turbulent cloud cover. The sunlight filtering through the upper atmospheric conditions has fallen equally apocalyptically across the bones of the earth, visually changing the surface composition, momentarily overlaying the known geographical, structured landscape and placing our newly observed perception into conflict. This series is an observed response to this juxtaposition, the altered composition and twisting, buffeting, racing light and shadow, as it moves under the influence of the weather and cloud-obscured light-source, across the landscape. My intention is to capture this energy and force of nature in my paintings with renewed vigour.

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