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Alice Collier 

BA Fine Art


Digitally edited screen-prints exploring the abstraction, and ultimately the rebuilding, of the Old College in Aberystwyth.

Each print in the Old College Series becomes more evolved and ends with an unrecognisable image of the Old College, except for some well-known details. It breaks down the idea of a ‘building’ and moves away from a representative image. This once significant building loses its meaning through abstraction as it becomes just shapes.

The Old College Collage develops the concept further to explore deconstruction through collage, progressing the abstraction aspect. The Old College is unrecognisable and no longer the main subject. The focus is now on repeated motifs showing how a well-known structure can become abstract and unfamiliar.

Both series serve as a reminder of the Old College, which developed a significant personal meaning to me during my second year. As there are plans to redevelop the building, the images will link to the time before any changes were made and will act as an homage.

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